Snuggles Room Philosophy

Here in the Snuggles room we strive to provide tamariki with opportunity to develop independence and social and emotional competence.

In the Snuggles room our sleeping, eating and toilet learning routines are flexible, familiar and positive. Kaiako encourage tamariki to develop self-help skills such as hand washing and eating.

There are a range of opportunities to develop in an independent, supportive and encouraging environment as tamariki’s communication grows. As well as this, there is always a variety of opportunity to take risk and make choices as they engage in both inside and outside play.

Through social and emotional competence tamariki learn to express their feelings and strengthen the skills to resolve conflicts with other children. Our Snuggles room tamariki are encouraged to develop skills at their own rate and understand their own abilities and limitations. Kaiako wait for them to indicate they are in need of assistance as opposed to assuming they need help. This also provides chance for active expl ration to understand their own interests and problem-solving skills.

We support tamariki to develop a healthy emotional competence through remembering that it takes practice to master a new skill and ensuring that the feedback we provide children is positive and encouraging. We strive to ‘fill children’s cups’ emotionally so that they can share these emotional competence skills with others.

Through social competence, children have the ability to create friendships and can begin to empathise with others and they can begin to understand the benefits of respectful and reciprocal relationships.