Nestle Room Philosophy

Here in the Nestle room, our kaiako value respect for the world of pēpi as they grow in their own time.

Kaiako provide pēpi with unhurried and calm caregiving practices for feeding, sleeping and nappy changing, to support emotional development and wellbeing.

We ensure that our environment is predictable and dependable which supports pēpi to build trusting attachment relationships. Kaiako strive to provide moments of quality one to one care to support this. A regular but flexible pattern is established for the day, which includes time outside and visits to see people and places – in turn, supporting pēpi sense of belonging within our environment.

Kaiako empower pēpi to discover their own limits by allowing them the time and space to learn for themselves and not intervening unnecessarily. Along with this, we also ensure intentional teaching is a part of the day here, so we can support pēpi individual learning journey.

Through intentional teaching, kaiako provide provocations for pēpi to experience a range of play that stimulates the senses, mind and body. Kaiako read books, tell stories and talk with pēpi. Many opportunities are provided to have fun with sounds and language as it is used to soothe and comfort. In our Nursery room, pēpi experience patterns and sounds of the natural environment, such as leaves in sunlight or the sound of rain, to help them develop an understanding of the world we live in.

Our Nestle room teachers are kind, caring and patient. They teach with the heart and provide an incredible environment for pēpi to grow into strong and confident learners who have a place in this world.