Cuddles Room Philosophy

In the Cuddles room, we pride ourselves on an environment that is comfortable, has quiet spaces and opportunities for small group or individual activities to explore ideas and interests. Young children in the Petals room have opportunity for independence, choice, and autonomy as they practice their self-care skills

Tamariki are encouraged to grow and prepare food as well as taking up opportunities to fix things, clean, garden, and care for the environment and the people in it. They can help arrange things and put them away in the right place as they develop their understanding of the wider world. 

The Kaiako in our Cuddles room acknowledge that children learn in different ways and are accepting in this as part of tamariki developing sense of self. They are given opportunity to discuss their feelings and enhance emotional competence through developing skills to care and empathise with others, as well as Kaiako fostering peer interactions. The day-to-day programme and environment are organised in such a way that children can initiate purposeful, problem-solving activities and devise and solve problems.

Tamariki physical skills are extended by having access to big, open spaces and equipment. They experience activities that develop their gross and fine motor skills and offer varying degrees of physical challenge and reasonable risk.

Promoting social competence through helping children build resilience and self-worth and positive guidance through heightened emotions. Children have opportunities to develop and explore social concepts, rules, and understandings in social contexts. Children are encouraged to feel comfortable about saying ‘I don’t know’ and risking failure.

We know that young children are beginning to prepare themselves for school life and the kaiako provide an environment that is holistic and calming for children to feel confident in themselves and their ability to lear